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Olivetti Regisuma

Brand: Olivetti.
Model: "Regisuma" with no numbers or letters...
Origin: This example was built in Argentina. Olivetti was stablished in Argentina in 1932 and during decades made a complete line of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic typewriters, calculators and other products for the local market and for export.
Introduction: 197n? I have no info about this calc, but based on the similar design of the Summa Quanta 20 I believe it was sold during the 70s.
Type: Basic electro-mechanical cash register with a cash drawer based on the design of the classic Summa Quanta 20 with minimal differences on the keyboard. The only remarkable difference is the protective metalic dome to cover the paper rolls.
Functions: Add and subtract. Multiply by repetitive adding. Subtotal and total. Non-add mode for printing additional data like item number, item order, etc.
Logic comments: Like the most of the basic calculators of that era, this calculator uses 2 mechanical registers:

Input Register (IR): Stores the keyboard input. Any digit you enter is appended on the right of the IR, the remaining digits are shifted one position to the left, or 2 positions if you press the double zero key. The number of actual digits in IR is shown on the display. This register have a precision of 5 digits in integer format with no decimals. The IR is automatically cleared after a normal add or subtract operation, except if you move the Multiply mode sliding knob to the "X" position. Also you can clear it by pressing the Clear register key.

Accumulator Register (AR): Stores the result of a chain of adding and subtracting operations. Like the IR, the AR register have a precision of 5 digits with no decimals. This register is cleared when you move the joystick to the * (Total) position.

Principle of operation:
Whenever you press the + or - keys the IR register is added or subtracted, respectively, to the AR register, and the IR register is cleared, except if the Multiply Mode is on (see below).
When you move the joystick to the Subtotal position (up) the AR will be printed and the contents will remain, allowing to continue with more operations.
If you move the joystick to the Total position (down) the AR will be printed and the content will be cleared.
For example, to compute 12+23-34+45 you must enter:
12 +
23 +
34 -
45 +
Move the joystick to * (Total) position and the total 46 will be printed in red on the ticket paper roll.
Keyboard: Keyboard and controls: The keyboard is similar of the Summa Quanta 20. The cash drawer open knob is the unique difference, in the Summa Quanta 20 this knob is used to clear the last entered digit.

Digits 1-9: This calculator accepts a maximum of 5 digits including the zeroes.
Zero and double zero: one and two zeroes, the calc does not accept input leading zeroes.
Add: Adds the IR to the AR.
Subtract: Subtracts the IR to the AR.
Multiply mode: Slide to the "X" position to avoid clearing the IR and allow multiplication by repetitive addition.
Non add: The input register IR is printed but not added or subtracted to the AR register.
Clear register: Clears the input register (IR).
Cash drawer open: Opens the cash drawer and rings the bell to put or withdraw money.
Display: See description above.
Subtotal: The AR is printed and the content is not cleared to allow further operations.
Center (normal) position: Normal position of the joystick.
Total and cash drawer open: The AR is printed and the content cleared to begin a new series of operations. Also opens the cash drawer and rings the bell.
Also there are two keys to lock the keyboard and the cash drawer.
Display: This simple display shows the number of digits you entered in the IR.
After a digit 0-9 is pressed the red needle will be desplaced one position to the left, or two positions if you press the double zero key. After pressing +, -, C keys or Subtotal or Total joystick position the red needle will move to the right.

In this case there are no digits (zero) in the IR. The right area in black is not used.
Printer: This calc uses a printing station with room for two paper rolls: One for the customer ticket (on the right) and one for record all sale operations (on the left). The printer drum have a precision of 10 digits, so each paper roll can print numbers with up to 5 digits. The decimal point is automatically printed when the number exceed 99, so the maximum number you can handle is 999.99. Of course you can ignore the decimal point and handle integer numbers up to 99999!
The printer uses a 2-color ink ribbon with black color for normal input and red color for total and subtotal. Totals and Subtotals are printed only on the customer ticket paper roll, so the record of operations roll have just a crude list of all amounts entered during the day...
Remarks: (8/10) Very good, tested and fully working.
Size: Calculator: 10.8 x 10.6 x 6.9 in, 27.5 x 27.0 x 17.5 cm
Cash drawer: 15.9 x 16.1 x 4.5 in, 40.5 x 41 x 11.5 cm
Total weight: 17 lbs, 8 kg. aprox.
Accesories: none.
Condition: (8/10) Very good, minimal marks on the casing, tested and fully working.


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