Curta Drawings & Paintings

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Here you have some amazing drawings, paintings and rare pictures of the Curta I found on the web and I want to share with Curta fans. Click on the thumbnail for a full size view.

Christopher Raab illustrations.
Amazing images of the Carriage components in wire and solid color drawings. Some drawings are huge!


Griff Wason art & illustration.
Beautiful and detailed drawings of a Curta Type I, the step drum and related components.


Turbosquid 3d Models.
3d Model of the Curta mechanical calculator by Pat Belford. Also, please see the Pat's simulator in the Curta Simulators page.


Liechtensteinische Post AG (Liechtenstein Postal Service).
"Innovatives Fürstentum Liechtenstein, 1947 Curta Rechenmaschine"
From the series Technical Innovations, issued 20 November 2006.



Holly Exley Illustrations.
1165 x 1600


Blender Cookie - Great Blender tutorials and training
CURTA Mechanical Calculator by jiggywig.
970 x 545


Authentic print-out made with an antique Curta printer block.
I own an antique Curta printer block made in copper on a base of wood.
Soon I'll post images of this printer block.
1200 x 700


3D Modeling by Andrew Magill
A Curta mechanical calculator and the plastic canister mounted on exhibition clips.
500 x 491


Independent Actuator Tens - Transfer Mechanism
Patent 2,588,835 filed October 27, 1949.
Inventor Curt Herzstark.
600 x 933


Robbie Lillquist
1024 x 1605

Curta - 2009 - Ballpoint pen on poster paper - © by Robbie Lillquist (Portfolio)
"The Curta is an elegant and revolutionary mechanical calculator from the 1940s-50s.
Its differences from modern digital tools make it a very interesting object."


Illustration from Italy Curta Service - Centro italiano assistenza Curta
300 x 361


Illustration from the manual Your CURTA Calculator
350 x 468


Illustration from the manual CURTA Calculating Techniques
720 x 600


Universal-Rechenmaschine "LILIPUT"
Curta Prototype.
334 x 536


Curta detail.
631 x 768


«Enter» – ein faszinierendes Technikmuseum in Solothurn
Enter Museum, Solothurn, Switzerland
Die Sonderausstellung der Rechenmaschine «Curta»
750 x 478


Curta tattoo on arm
600 x 800


Omega embracing Curta
Welche Uhr tragt ihr heute?
Watch time - Das Uhren & Technik Forum
1024 x 1199


Heuer Autavia & Curta
Spring Rally Time in Almost Black & White
John Cote - 3/21/14
720 x 900


Unknown origin
800 x 1000

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